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EmTherm 3DS

Product description

Warmed blankets in the Pre-OP add to the comfort and psychological well-being of the patient while in the Post OP and recovery rooms they can also help to mitigate any inadvertent peri-operative hypothermia. Warming patients pre- and post-operatively reduces incidences of post-operation infections, reduces the over prescription of antibiotics and consequently reducing the financial burden on health services. The Emtherm 3DS is a mobile warming cabinet with a 300L capacity that has been designed for the pre-warming of blankets and textiles up to 70°C. Internal lighting is an added feature in the 3DS. 5 removable and height adjustable shelves give a storage flexibility to meet the most discerning requirements while the robust wheels allow movement for floor cleaning. Heavy-duty construction and hardware ensure many years of trouble free operation while the high grade insulation of the chamber keeps running costs to a minimum.

In current times infection control plays a significant role and we have therefore introduced a optional LED UV-C disinfection system in our warming cabinets. Pathogens: fungi, bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses, are eliminated when activated by either automatic or manual mode.

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EM-MED has developed warming cabinets for fluid prewarming that are practical, convenient and very effective.

Key features and benefits of EmTherm 3DS include:


  • uses latest temperature control regulation technology
  • high thermal convective characteristics
  • adjustable temperature from 25°C to 70°C according to individual needs


  • compact unit with capacity of 300L
  • easily operated
  • quiet operation
  • stand by mode
  • doors with self-closing mechanism
  • optional data recording and data transfer possibility


  • electronic and mechanical safety mechanism preventing overheating
  • fully approved to medical device standards
  • optical and acoustic alarms if doors are left open
  • energy-saving insulation
  • energy efficient servo controlled heating and ventilation

Advantages of blanket, textile and fluid warmer EmTherm 3Ds

The EmTherm 3DS is a mobile blanket warmer, medical textile warmer and medical fluid warmer with a capacity of 300 Liters. It allows blankets to we be warmed up to 70oC. The cabinet has 5 shelves which can be height regulated and therefore the inside of the cabinet can be adjusted to individual requirements. The EmTherm 3DS allows for point of care warming of blankets and fluids. The dimensions of the fabric warmer and wheels allow it to be placed in every room and it can be easily moved to another location such as another department.

The warming cabinet has a durable construction, it is made of the highest quality materials (heavy-duty, resistant to corrosion and damage). It guarantees flawless operation for many years, and thanks to the use of modern technologies, it reduces running costs.

  • Modern temperature control technology
  • Excellent heating and warming performance efficiency
  • Large capacity: 300 liters
  • 5 removable shelves with adjustable height
  • Simple operation, quiet operation
  • Triple glazed door which allows the content to be checked inside without opening the cabinet
  • Castors, lockable
  • Optical and acoustic alarm in case of open door
  • Safety sensors to prevent overheating
  • Operating costs reduced to a minimum
  • Indoor lighting

Adjustable temperature range: 25°C to 70°C

Ambient Temperature (Operating): 18°C to 30°C

Storage: 5°C to 55°C

Relative Humidity: 30% to 70%

Operation: unit is designed for continuous operation

Accuracy of temperature controller: +/-2°C

Safety: Electronic and mechanical sensors prevent overheating

Alarms: Optical and acoustic

Fully approved to medical device standards: Class I, Regulation (EU) 2017/745

Power supply: 220-240 Vac (±6%), 50Hz – EmTherm 1D current rating 1.75A

Optional: UV-C: internal LED rails emitting UV-C radiation. Disinfection system manual and automatic mode.

300L central mobile unit on wheels (2 front wheels lockable)
Transparent self-closing door
5 height adjustable shelves
Stainless steel body (internal acid resistant steel)
Internal lighting
Weight: 184kg
Dimensions (w x d x h): 690 x 740 x 1770mm
Dimensions with buffers: 740 x 790 x 1770mm
Load capacity: 300l net (367l gross)
Optionally available: UV-C disinfection system

FLUID PRE-WARMING for all clinical situations

Widespread clinical evidence shows the benefits of preventing hypothermia during surgery, emergency and critical care situations. Guidelines stress the importance of warming intravenous solutions and irrigation fluids as part of the prevention process. EmTherm warming cabinets use advanced heat technology to provide high convective heat transfer characteristics while precision controlled temperature regulation guarantees evenly distributed warmth.

Adjustable temperature settings ensure optimal warming of:

  • IV solutions
  • Irrigation fluids
  • Contrast media
  • Peritoneal dialysis packs
  • Syringes, instruments etc.